Designer Interior Cat or Pet Door

Designer Interior Cat or Pet Door

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A fun and decorative way to have a cat door in your home.

The Cool Cat Door keeps children, and larger pets away from the cat food, litter box, and out of areas that you want to keep them away from.

  • Simple and quick Installation
  • Prefinished in white, or can be painted
  • Made with a durable material with decorative edges
  • Keep children and dogs away from the cat food and the litter box
  • Helps keep your house cleaner by hiding the cat food and the litter box

Install on interior doors to give your cat access to specific areas, such as a bedroom, bathroom, closet, garage, or basement. Hide the cat food and litter box!

Simple and quick Installation. Detailed installation instructions and door template included. Designed to work with standard hollow or solid interior doors. For thinner doors, such as cabinet doors, the center trim piece can be cut.

Helps keep your house clean, by having a separate area for your cat box and cat food.

Comes prefinished in white, ready to be installed. Or can easily be painted to match your homes decor.

Front or back design can be used on either side of the door.

Larger cats can easily duck down to pass through the opening. By design, it is made this size to discourage dogs from using the cat door.

Made in the USA out of a rigid and durable composite material with decorative edges.

What People Have Said...

- I have 7 cats (4 kittens) and 2 dogs and I would love one for my laundry room to keep the dogs from eating the cat food!!!

- I have two cats and a dog that loves kitty roca. We would LOVE to install one of these in our master bathroom!

 Dani - My daughter has been asking for a hole in her door so she can sleep with the door closed, but her kitty can go in and out.

 JulieAnn - I could see my dumb boxer trying to get at my cat through the door, ha ha ha.

 Lisa - My little kitty will look so cute going through this.

 Ana - How cute! I need one to keep the kids away from chasing my little girl.

 Joanne - I'm so in love with this.

 Shelly - This would be great for my little dogs too!! So cute!!

 Joanne - These are adorable!