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I have 7 cats (4 kittens) and 2 dogs and I would love one for my laundry room to keep the dogs from eating the cat food!!!


I have two cats and a dog that just loves kitty roca. We would LOVE to install one of these in our master bedroom / bathroom door!


My daughter has been asking for a hole in her door so she can sleep with the door closed, but her kitty can still go in and out.


Happy Cats


I'm Not Scared Anymore

When my mom would leave for work, I would get scared to go potty. Now that I have my new cat door, my potty is in the closet. It is not scary for me anymore. 


I Can Move Around More Freely

When everyone was gone, I used to be stuck in the house all day. Now that I have my new cat door, I can go out on the patio while my family is gone.


I Have My Own Private Space Now

It was hard for me to use my litter box, because that big dog would always run by me. Now my littler box is in the back bedroom, and he can't follow me in there.

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